The sky line of the mountain junkie’s mind


In search of a new future and way of life, I am haunting to catch an opportunity where my passion and qualities meet.

To help me figure this out, I constructed this website as a living vehicle to reach my destination.

I want to bring people back to the basics / closer to themselves, to find or to get in touch with their true passion. I think the essence of our existence is mother nature, so through nature I want people to get back in touch again with their inner selves and (re)-find their true passion. Through sports, and preferably extreme sports I want to speed up this process.......



Welcome to my world

This picture above is not only from a room with a view but the entire Chalet in ski resort Espace Killy (FR) was at our disposal including full service French wining&dining in the company of our two most charming landlords.

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text & photograph's by Bart Mulder